I Lost My Job and I Am So Excited!

5:30pm on a Friday afternoon I was called into a conference room with my direct boss and the CEO  of our company. I knew something interesting was going to happen. The CEO started out by saying how he had hired me for a training position and since that time my job responsibilities have changed. I went from training to a training/IT mix and then at the stretch of 2 months wasn’t really doing much of anything. Now we were having this conversation. I knew that something was going to happen. Either I was going to have my role changed or I was going to lose my job. It was the latter.

Meanwhile, during those 2 months leading up to this conversation I was becoming increasingly anxious because I found myself focusing on what I really wanted to do outside of the works hours rather than doing them in the office. I had contemplated how I was going to try and end my job there, but all the while my employer and I were in sync the whole time.

So we parted ways in a very positive manner. I understood the needs of the business and my role was not part of that. They apologized because they were preventing me from my passion. They were exactly right. My boss and I left on great terms. We are still going to attend professional events together and will talk. We looked at it as the beginning of a friendship rather then an end to a professional relationship. This may sound weird to some, but the relationship I have with my boss is extremely positive and always honest.

When I left the office I was overjoyed because now I get to do what I want to do. LearnHaus for me is my jumping off point. I at first saw it as a way to connect with people in the L&D community but now I see so much more potential now that I can dedicate the time it needs. There is much to do to get this puppy up and running but I am devoted to it. One of the purposes of LearnHaus is not just to grow myself professionally but it is to help organizations be successful. On a recent lrnchat that took place we chatted about what we were not willing to compromise and we all agreed that we were not willing to compromise the learner. This is what I am devoted to. Learning and performance. This journey now has become so much more meaningful to me because I can ensure it’s success. I am very fortunate to be able to know what it is that I want and have a plan to bring it to fruition. I hope the same for all of you, that your dedication and hard work is a behavior of your passion to the L&D field or elsewhere.

As I continue my research about the brain and what we know about it’s implications for learning and performance, I hope to add value to my learning experiences I create for learners. As I blend learning and technology with the brain in mind, I hope to really challenge the skills gap and also the way we look at the learning profession. This is why I am excited. So much change is happening and I plan to be a part of it all. The best part is that I will be learning too. LearnHaus.

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