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For years, professionals in the learning field have worked very hard to design and deliver training that is effective and increase performance improvement all while meeting the goals and needs of the organizations they serve.  Each professional has a different skill set that can help improve the deficit that is occurring across all organizations. We have been calling this the skills gap. As my career has taken me this far I have observed the different types of learning professionals. Some are coaches, some are facilitators, and some are talent managers. What I have been fascinated by is how we design and create learning. Instructional design has been around for quite some time and the different approaches to it are well founded. I would like to take these and use as the situation calls for it.  I also find that adding technology to learning can enhance the overall learning experience. eLearning and mobile are highly valuable. But something struck me one day that I think changed the way I view the learning profession: Neuroscience and technology.

To understand how the mind and brain function are somewhat of a mystery to us who are not a scientist or behavioral health professional. The impact of memory and learning is profound in our profession. The knowledge we intend our learners to use to perform to make the organization successful won’t be learned because we are forgetting the actual body part that makes this possible. It’s not just about knowing that chunking information is helpful for the learner, but it is also about how the different processes in the brain interact and can counteract the ability to effectively learn new skills and competencies.

Some of you like me are taking a leap into this area so we can make a difference in the learning and performance process of our learners. I am just scratching the surface on the brain. There is so much that we know and that we don’t know. I intend to use this information to create learning experiences and environments that will help our workforce to be better.

Along with the research that I pick up I also plan to apply this to a variety of mediums. Technology will be coupled with this research to create and construct these learning experiences. I think that eLearning and now mobile learning can enhance these experiences. I don’t think that technology alone is the solution. A blended learning approach is what I think will have the most impact. The important thing is that it depends on what the learner needs. This is what will unlock learning’s impact on performance. A 3-hour eLearning course will be  a waste of everyone’s time if that is not what the learner needs, if it’s even learning at all. We can actually make learning experiences personal by designing for the brains of the individuals that require it. Of course what someone might need is just a 20 minute course or a performance support tool on their device. For that 20 minute course it should engage our brains (learners will not be alerted that their brains are engaged, they will simply click through the course). Without the brain we would not function. The networks in the brain are the lifeblood of successful memory and performance. By re-enforcing these networks and creating new ones effectively, performance will increase. The secret is how we build learning that will foster the brain’s strength of these networks.

There is a lot to uncover and redefine in this profession. I will be learning a  lot about these areas and I intend to share my journey with you. I also hope that we can learn something through this experience as well. This is an exciting time in our profession and the engagement I am seeing in the field right now is incredible. I am excited to take this leap into the new age of learning and performance. The conversations that I hope to have will impact our field in many ways that will once again change the face of learning. Welcome to LearnHaus.

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